Sibusisiwe Sibanda (Busi)

I am a mental health Practitioner and founder of Sizakala Wellness Counsellors. Certified since 2012, I have been counseling children in the Gauteng area.

My vocation came from watching my grandmother battle with Dementia and watching children around me experience abuse, hate speech, physical violence and being subjected or exposed to domestic abuse when I was growing up. I wanted to contribute in my own way to the understanding of mental health issues and assist children in coping with feelings of fear, pain, sadness and despair. This led to me pursing a degree in Psychology at Midrand Graduate Institute, now known as Pearson Institute, in order to provide psychological support to help children overcome their trauma and perform better at school.

After graduating with an Honours Degree in Psychology with a major in Trauma and working with various companies, I realized that there was a crucial need for the provision of affordable mental health care services in disadvantaged areas. That is when I decided to create Sizakala Wellness: an Organisation that provides free psychosocial services to people in disadvantaged areas. With over 60% of the South African population being unable to afford mental health treatment, With ‘Sizakala’ which means ‘Get help’ in IsiZulu, our aim is to enable them to get psychological help for free.

I have been awarded two certificates in the last 7 years namely: A Jopie Van Rooyen Certificate of Accreditation 16 Pf National Accreditation Training (2012) and Future Leaders certification (2012).

Athenkosi Mtumtum (Athi)

I am a HPCSA Registered counsellor and Co- Founder of Sizakala Wellness Counsellors. My passion for philanthropy has its origins in my belief in the innate resilient spirit we all possess. I believe that the very simple act of empathy we show in our interactions with others serves as a subtle reminder to people in need of their resilience. We remind them that even though they may be victims of circumstances, the will and power to overcome their challenges rests within them.

I hold a Bachelor of Psychology degree (Honours) with a major in Trauma (2012) and a BA Honours in Community and Health Psychology (2017).

I have been awarded two certificates in the last 7 years namely: a Certificate in Distance Short Course in the Introduction of HIV/AIDS (2018) and Jopie Van Rooyen Certificate of Accreditation -16 Pf National Accreditation Training (2012).

Nontsikelelo Sizani (Ntsiki) – Head Counsellor

I am a HPCSA registered counselor and the Head Counselor at Sizakala Wellness Counselors. I completed my Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at Pearson Institute of Higher Education in 2016, graduated in 2017, thereafter wrote the HPCSA board exam that same year which resulted in me qualifying to practice as a Registered Counselor. Currently, I am pursuing a B.Com degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology at UNISA. Since completing my degree and training, I have continued my professional development by working within the field and for Sizakala Wellness Counselors as a counselor.

I enjoy being able to work with individuals of different age groups and backgrounds. I am passionate about psychology and strive to make a positive impact in the lives of

others. I adopt an integrative approach to meet the needs of each individual. I encourage you to take a leap of faith towards improving your own mental health and we will embark on this journey collaboratively.

Sinothile Nyathi (Snoe) – Administrator

I am a self-motivated graduate with well-developed project management and sport abilities coupled with a flexible approach to work. I hold an Honours degree in Sport Science obtained from the University of Venda. I have sound analytical research skills and quickly grasp new ideas, concepts and guidelines.

I am passionate about health and fitness.

Over the past 9 years, I have been awarded the following certificates:

  • Certificate of participation in peer education (University of Venda 2010)
  • Certificate of participation in intra-mural competition of the Centre for Biokinetics, Recreation and Sport Science (University of Venda 2011)- Event: 100m (1st position obtained)
  • Certificate of participation in intra-mural competition of the Centre for Biokinetics, Recreation and Sport Science (University of Venda 2011)- Event: 4 by 100m relay (1st position obtained)
  • Certificate of computer skills in the following courses
  • Certificate in Sports administration (Harare 2014)
  • Certificate in Volleyball refereeing
  • Certificate in Basic Training For Operating a Curves Franchise
  • Certificate of Appreciation in doing Accreditation during the hosting of the 9th Edition of the 2016 Zimbabwe National Paralympic Games

Nyawasedza Mudau (Nyawa) – Intern Counsellor

I am an intern at Sizakala Welness. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology obtained from the University of Johannesburg and a B.Psych (Honours) (2018). I will join Sizakala Welness’ Soshanguve team to provide pscychosocial support to learners in Arethabeng Primary and Baleseng Secondary schools.